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    magnetic flowmeter


    2019 new integral chemical water magnetic flow rate measurement meter


    Integral chemical water magnetic flow measurement meter introduction



    Electromagnetic flow meters, or magmeters, are comprised of a transmitter and sensor that together to measure flow. The magnetic flow meter’s sensor is placed inline and measures an induced voltage generated by the fluid as it flows through a pipe. The transmitter takes the voltage generated by the sensor, converts the voltage into a flow measurement and transmits that flow measurement to a control system.

    Integral chemical water magnetic flow rate measurement meter charactor


    • Easy Setup
    • Minimal Straight Pipe
    • Mounted or Remote Rate and Total
    • IP65,IP67 ,IP68 Rated (optional)
    • 100:1 Turndown
    • Virtually No Pressure Loss
    • No Moving Parts
    • RS485 Standard,HART standard is available.
    • Suitable for Pipes Up to DN3000
    • High Accuracy to 0.2%R .
    • 4 to 20 mA and Frequency Outputs Standard
    • 3-Point Calibration Included

    Integral chemical water magnetic flow measurement meter parameters




    Nominal Pressure



    ±0.5%,±0.3%or±0.2% are available

    Liner material


    Electrode Type

    General type 

    Electrode material

    Stainless steel SUS316,Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C,Titanium,Tantalum  Platinum-iridium,
    Stainless steel covered with tungsten carbide

    Mediem temperature

    Integral type


    Remote type

    Neoprene & Polyurethane Liner


     PTFE Liner /PFA Liner /F46 Liner


    Ambient Temperature

    -25°C ~+ 60°C

    Ambient Humidity

     5~100%RH(relative humidity)

    Medium Electrical 

    ≥5μ s/cm

    Measuring Range

    1500:1,flow rate<15m/s

    Structure type 

    Integral type,remote type,submersible type,ex-proof type

    Protection Class


    Ex-proof Mark


    Product Standard

    JB/T 9248-1999 Electormagnetic Flowmeter


    Integral chemical water magnetic flow rate measurement meter flowchart


     1, pipe cutting 2, welding flange 3, coil assemble 4, polishing 5,sensor checking 6, painting 7 transmitter checking 8.qualified products



    Calibration is the most important procedure of manufacturing the high accuracy flowmeter,As the principle is the same,the material and the structure design of the flowmeter is not much different.High accuracy flowmeters depends on the high accuracy calibration equipment.


    Integral chemical water magnetic flow rate measurement meter in details



    • We use the reference flowmeter method to confirm the sensor condition,then after assemble,we will use the gravimetric systems to confirm the sensor and the transmitter condition.The calibration device included the high accuracy Sartorius scale.Our high accuracy Sartorius scale can reach the 0.016%.so it is no problem to gurantee the 0.2% accuracy. 
    • We use the AB clue to fix the bolts and nuts in case it may loose because of the vibration and long distance transportation
    • The welding of the housing and the flange are operated by our senior welding engineers who have at least 5 years experience.The inner flange is welded completely to make sure no humidity enter into the flowmeter house.
    • The thickness of the linner is more than 3mm.
    • The exciting coil of wires are copper wire.
    • We use the label to remind customer where to connect the power and voltage in case the unmatched voltage damage the flowmeter.
    • The big screen LCD display the forward gross volume,flow volume and unit clearly.
    • Flowmeter use the matched grounding rings to keep high accuracy measurement stable


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     Our flowmeter Certificate


     Our Integrated type water electromagnetic flow meter service


    • On time delivery
    • scheduled producing managementt
    • Export products has priority to domestic order on product quality and lead time
    • Good products focus more on the aftersale service and Consult service,
    • Good packing service
    • Excellent Calibration service




     FAQ of Integrated type water electromagnetic flow meter

    1.How do you calibrate the flowmeter?

    We use the reference standard flowmeter method to calibrate the 0.5%R flowmeters.We use the Gravimetric for the 0.2% R flowmeters.


    2.How can you gurantee the high accuracy?

    The Gravimetric mothod is much more accurate than the volumetric calibration and we use the high accuracy sidorious scale to gurantee the less tolerance. Our high accuracy Sartorius scale can reach the 0.01%.so it is no problem to gurantee the 0.2% accuracy. 


    3.How many years do you use the calibration ?

    we use it since our factory starts.


    4.Why does the calibration influence the accuracy?is important?

    The material and the structure of the magnetic flowmeter are not much difference,and the accuracy depends what it reference.if the standard reference flowmeter's accuracy is 0.2%R,then the test flowmeter must be lower than 0.2%.


    5.Do you need agent?

    Yes,we need agent to expand our sales,we provide technical support,Products priority and good price.


    6.I am a small company,Can I be your agent?
    We are a developing company ,we Appreciate partners who is willing to grow with us


    You minght be a common customer to a large scaled company /famous brand,but for us ,you are the most important.we will put you to the first.


     Send enquiry for Integrated type water electromagnetic flow meter


    We gurantee that the quality of the oversea sales products are much better than domestic model.


    Please place an trial order to  try our service  and you will like it !!


    We can accept the order with trade assurance on Alibaba to protect your quality,shipment,and payment.




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